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So week 1 down with my Ramadan experience. Few things I want to make known.

-I drank Coffee (by mistake ) I found out later that I was not supposed to drink any liquids.

-I drank Wine after I broke my fast. Due to me not being Muslim, I did not want to let that one go.

-My husband ended up doing the fast with me, he was very supportive and proud.

-This definitely made me appreciate my life and how lucky me and my family are.

-There was one night when I wanted this watermelon so bad, I broke my fast like 30 min early. I know shameful.

-Not only has this been an experience for my eating but also for my mind and well being. I have been able to think more clear and from a spiritual perspective, even though I am not Muslim, I have connected again with my beliefs.

I have decided to give up on my experience. It is a very challenging experience and honestly I am very surprised that I lasted this long. I am happy I got to see what my friends and some of my family experience each year and I will always hold this near and dear to my heart. I recommend that everyone try an experience like this several times a year to make you remember how much you have to be thankful for.


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