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Day 2 of Ramadan (the pizza story)

Yesterday was not so bad. It's all mental. I was able to go the whole day without eating or drinking and when the sun finally went down at 7:55pm I said a long prayer of gratitude and had a wonderful meal. Never have I been so grateful to eat. This day reminded me of when I was about 17 y/o living with my boyfriend at the time and in between jobs. The last money I had was to pay for our rent, which back then was about 500.00 but that was a lot of money for a 17y/o. We had no money, he was broke and we were unsure of where our next meal would come from. I had too much pride to call and ask anyone in my family for anything. And honestly they probably didn't have much to give/lead me either. I remember laying on the bed in our bedroom and having stomach pains because I was hungry. "don't you have an aunt that lives nearby" I asked him. Maybe you can go see what she cooked. He left and later came back with a 20 dollar bill and a pizza slice from the store on the corner near our apartment. That same feeling I had seeing that slice of pizza was the same feeling I remember last night when I was able to eat.

We are so blessed to be able to eat.

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