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Day 5 of my Ramadan Experience by Meek White

So., I went back to work yesterday so I did not get to blog. Yesterday went by smooth. Same as the day before. I don’t want to make this experience all about food but fasting is all about food.

Here I am day 5 and sorry but I feel like S*it. I got my first big headache last night. Right after dinner. I took a Tylenol and drank 2 bottles of water and went to bed when I got off work. Today I am experiencing chills, headache and body aches and just an overall feeling of "not feeling good" I spoke with my bestie who is Muslim and we discussed my symptoms and she assured me that the way I have been feeling is normal and that it would not last long. I hope she is right because I am ready to throw in the towel. At this point its not the hunger that is tough to deal with it is the symptoms of the fast. I googled and read up on it and this is normal like my friend suggested.

During the first few days of Ramadan...

Both blood sugar level and blood pressure drop. The body starts the cleansing process, and the first few days are the hardest as they are usually accompanied with headaches, dizziness, nausea, and intense hunger.

Yup that’s me right now lol

From a spiritual perspective, I have been trying to be more positive and give out good vibes to my friends and family which is normal to me. I will speak more about this tomorrow, right now I don’t have the strength lol pray for me!!! #help #ramadan2020 #Meekwhite

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