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Ramadan 2020

So before I start this post I want to throw out this disclaimer•••I am in now way setting out to disrespect anyone's religion or culture.

I am a baptized Christian. I was born and raised as a Christian and when I got older, I decided that I would continue with this religion in the best way I knew how. I have friends of different religious backgrounds and that's totally fine. One of my best friend's religion is Muslim and for the years I have known her, I have stood by and watched as she went through Ramadan. Ive always admired the will, loyalty and control she has had going through this month long sacrifice. This year, I decided to try it along with her. I researched and with guidance from her of course, decided to prepare for this month long adventure of not only fasting from sunup to sundown, but by also getting my mind ready to let go of negative energy, foul language, and to recenter my spirituality as well.

Day 1, I awoke and remembered that today marks the first day of my participation in this new way of life for the next month. In the state of Pandemic that the world is going through, this journey seems to align with the new way of life. I found out that I cant drink liquids during the day as well. For some reason, I thought it was ok to drink water. Nevertheless, I stayed clear of downing the bottle of water on my nightstand. While speaking with my husband, I almost cursed. Which is a normal occurrence within our conversations in my house. He advised that he would keep me on track. I later smell him making popcorn downstairs and I want some bad. With a few more hours to go before I can eat anything, I start to meditate on the vices that have become part of my normal. Like putting anything into my body. I love snacks just like the rest of yall but when you cannot have anything to eat, you start to consider the quality of what you put in you body. Not to focus on just the food I put into my body, but also the drinks, and the smoke. I love my hookah and I decided to give up wine and hookah as well. Stayed tuned I will try to blog everyday for the next month!

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