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Day 3 Ramadan 2020 By Meek White

So last night after I broke my fast, I sat down with my family and we had dinner together. My husband and two sons decided they would wait to have dinner with me and by the time 8pm rolled around we were all starving. I shared with them my blog post from yesterday and how when I was younger, I went through some periods not knowing when I was going to be able to get my next meal. I think it was important to share with my two sons because they did not grow up like I did. Although I have never been rich, I have always made sure that I was able to provide for them, therefore they have never had to experience any hardships, at this point in their lives.

Today I kept myself busy by cleaning up the house. My husband put on some Stevie Wonder and Sade and we listened to music and cleaned the downstairs portion of our house. When we were finished, I still needed to occupy my time, so I cleared out our closet which was long overdue. I think I have this fast part figured out. Stay busy and you don’t have a lot of time to think about how hungry or how thirsty you are.

At this point, I am very surprised with myself. I did not think I would be able o keep this up, let alone last 3 days. It is very easy to say, scrap this! I don’t have to do this. Its not my religion. And believe me I think about it a lot during the day. Especially when my husband makes popcorn which we enjoy a lot in this house. However, I refuse to consider myself weak and because of that, among other reasons, I continue.

Headed to day four.

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